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Rear View Camera Installation Service Tips

Any driver understands how reversing can be a headache especially if you do not have a clear view of the back. Rear view cameras are proving to be an excellent solution when it comes to reducing backing-over accidents when reversing. These cameras are enabling drivers to reverse their vehicles more safely. The great thing is that these cameras now come inbuilt in most modern vehicles. But that is not the case in older vehicles. To make this option available to people with older cars, these cameras are now available as separate units for purchase. These cameras generally come with an LCD monitor screen through which drivers can see the rear of their cars more clearly. If you are thinking of installing a backup camera on your auto, here are some tips using a rear view camera installation service.

Rear view cameras are available in two basic models: the wired version and the wireless version. Wireless rear view cameras use a wireless transmitter and receiver to relay information while the wired versions have a cable that runs from the back to the front of the vehicle; it is this cable that connects the LCD monitor with the rear view camera. Wired rear view cameras require professional installation that may cost you anywhere between $150 and $200, therefore, a rear view camera installation service can be very useful. Wireless rear view cameras, on the other hand, need no professional installation. To install one, all you need is a screwdriver or driver and you are set.


Wireless cameras can be installed quite easily and aren’t that complicated to work on. For your camera to work, you will need to provide it and its transmitter with power. Before doing anything, it is advisable that you refer to the user manual provided first to ensure that you set it up right. Also, it is important that the car is turned off and the battery’s disconnected before you start installing the camera. Consult your vehicle’s manual to ensure drills do not cut any wiring.

Rear view cameras are typically installed on the rear license place of a car and are held in place by screws. Using a drill, bore small holes into your car’s trunk beside your license plate then connect the video cable which runs from the rear view camera to the transmitter. Remember that transmitters require power to work. The best place to get this power is the cable that supplies power to your reverse lights. By getting your power from this source, the cable and monitor will always power on every time you shift your gear to reverse. The process should not take you more than one hour to complete.

This article provides a concise look at why you should consider a rear view camera installation service for your car. By following these tips, installing this type of camera won’t be that expensive, hard or complicated.

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