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Synchronize iPad Mac with the Help of SyncMate

There are different models of iPad that includes Air, mini or Pro and after you have changed one model the first problem that you may have encountered is syncing data with your MacBook with your present model. You do not have to worry about it anymore once you get access to SyncMate. It is an ideal app that allows your iPad to sync with your MacBook so that you can easily save the data in both the devices without working twice.

Yes, SyncMate, an app to sync iPad with Mac will help you sync your data with MacBook if your IPad operates at iOS5.x or above. It’s not only that you will get many more features by using this app that will make using your MacBook and iPad easier.

It allows you to mount your iPad as a disk on your MacBook and what else? Explore data as you want after mounting is completed.

Personal data sync

With SyncMate you do not have to worry about synching your personal data like your contacts and calendar with your MacBook. Calendar events and contacts changes every day and if they are not stored properly you can lose important data. With this app you do not have to worry about it anymore.

Folders and media sync

You can easily turn your iPad into a media library after syncing all your images, music files and videos from MacBook. When you synchronize iPad Mac you can even sync separates files easily.


Mount iPad as Mac disk

Fulfil your dream of using iPad with your Mac directly. SyncMate will allow you to mount your iPad and use it as regular folder.

Get more options

Taking backup of your data is very simple and restoring it is even easier. Thus, stop worrying about your data and set parameters during the first sync and then get it done always.

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