Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; The New eSport That Everyone Is Obsessed With

Counter strike is a long running game franchise, it started out as a mod but Valve Corporation ended up with the rights to the game and its related content. As of now there are total 7 games released under this name. CS:GO was released in 2012 as a multiplatform game. But until CS:GO came along, the Counter Strike franchise wasn’t making much impact in the eSports circuit. By the time Global offensive was released, most of the major organizations that were organizing competitive Counter strike tournaments have already gone out…

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A Nostalgic Android Application

Most of us 90’s kids remember sitting on our computer all day playing ridiculously addictive games on our PC. Even scribbling on paint was an adventure for us. There was a list of games available on the game menu bar including this fantastic game, Solitaire. Most of us have a series of gaming applications from different genres and interactive levels, but there is nothing like reminiscing the good old days with a healthy game of Solitaire. This innovating application lets you relive those carefree days on your cell phone or…

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Web Design 

Get a Perfect Digital Presence with a Professionally Designed Website

For every business who wishes to have a digital presence, a website must be competitive in the market. The Internet has today becomes a very leading resource for customers to find services and products. This has provided a very good platform for online businesses in Australia to grow and target a much wider customer base. But for this purpose having a good website is very crucial. The website is the online shop of any organization and has to be very attractive to make sure that people who visit are lured into…

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