Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; The New eSport That Everyone Is Obsessed With

Counter strike is a long running game franchise, it started out as a mod but Valve Corporation ended up with the rights to the game and its related content. As of now there are total 7 games released under this name. CS:GO was released in 2012 as a multiplatform game.

But until CS:GO came along, the Counter Strike franchise wasn’t making much impact in the eSports circuit. By the time Global offensive was released, most of the major organizations that were organizing competitive Counter strike tournaments have already gone out of business. Most people in the gaming business consider CS:GO as another lackluster addition in the franchise which couldn’t possibly carry much weight in the competitive gaming circuit.

However, the developers clearly had a different outcome in mind, they listened to what the gaming community especially fans who play CS:GO professionally had to say about the game. The result was a ramped up game that became the ultimate in eSports.


After the overhaul, valve went another step and hosted a Global tourney and they have kept the trend up year over year. The prize pool is sponsored by Valve and is only getting bigger and better with time. The number of viewers for the competitive matches has been on the rise as well with many people betting on the games at sites like

According to industry insiders, the growth of CS:GO as a major eSports is due mainly to the increased interest that Valve had taken in the game. The company has invested time, effort and money to bring around huge changes in the game itself and also on how it is promoted. The regular and timely updates, the quick bug fixes have streamlined the game and increased confidence in the competitive gaming community. As a matter of fact, the current version of CS:GO hardly has any resemblance to the game that was released in 2012 and had faced heavy criticisms.

Valve’s effort to make the game pro centric can be seen in the introduction of game items that benefit professional teams directly. This way Valve is making money for themselves and also giving people reasons to play the game professionally for a living.

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