Get through the latest need of IT world – Apache Kafka

Your clients have collected enough emails and mobile numbers from your forms, placed in the web portal. Now it is time to give the them the support of Bulk Messaging , both to the emails and to the contact numbers. Now, the same old method will make the thing slow and uncertain. Most of the messages will be lost in the path and he rest will not receive them in time. Use the latest messaging service of Apache Kafka and make things go in your way. If you are not ready for using the same, you can even learn the same from the apache kafka training. This will give you a proper help. The eminent features of the latest tool is described below for your convenience.

Send Unlimited messages

There is no limit of messaging while using this system. Your customers can send terabytes of messages within fraction of time. The application uses a partition method to enable the same and that will allow your clients messages to multiple accounts at the same time. So, now there is no chance of wrong delivery or miss of delivery.

Send different messages

In the website of your client, there are different forms and each of them are meant for a different purpose. The messaging app of earlier days were having a specific features. It can either send one message to all in one time or you will have to access the same multiple times. While using the Apache Kafka, you are opening up the gateway for the clients of yours. Now they can send different messages to the different set of form respondents with one click.

Apache Kafka

It supports parallel loading

Parallel loading of systems is very much essential for your clients. This will allow you them to get cross messages to different client of his own. With the earlier system, this was simply an impossible task. The new Kafka will support that withe latest partitioning system and hence helping you in serving your clients. Your clients love to get smooth and easy service and your focus is to give that to them. With the Apache Kafka, you are ready to give them the support they are looking for.

Help them publish newsletters

Publishing the newsletters is one way of marketing and all of your specialist clients are very much in the service to get the support. Since, you are a dedicated personnel in the list, you are always eager to serve then for the purpose and here is the tool to extend your service. You can now easily provide the value added service to your clients in the form of publisher.

Thus, this is a great opportunity for you to extend your service, which no one among your competitors have done. It is really easy now for you to develop this functional ability and develop a sense of core competency within you. Get the same in a different style by going through the apache kafka training in dallas. You will find your fortune to be with you all the time. It is always great to find your consumers happy. Here is the chance to make them feel happy, so do not miss that.

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