Today, the guitar is the most loved, respected, and popular instrument on planet Earth. It might be tough to master it by yourself, and that is exactly why we decided to share a list of the best online courses with you. They will make the learning process a lot easier. Everything is organized and categorized, and the users are free to choose between genres, playing styles, and more.

The basics come first; then you’ll get to learn more the advanced techniques. Make sure to give each lesson the benefit of a doubt, because we were very thorough in our search for the best schools and courses. In this review, we’ll introduce you to their teaching styles; talk a bit about the tutors, and more.

– The biggest advantage of an online course is affordability. An average online lesson costs 20 dollars a month; in real life, that will give you only 1 hour with a tutor.

– Furthermore, you don’t need to leave the house: improve your guitar skills in your bedroom.

– Finally, there aren’t strict rules and schedules. Study whenever, wherever, and however you want.

Again, these aren’t just some YouTube enthusiasts: the people on our list are all professionals and will definitely be of great help both for the beginners and the experienced players.

Setting Your Priorities Straight

Even though the newbies usually go with the free lesson, that’s not a wise move. Online lessons cost very little but will be useful, which can’t really be said about the “shady” free courses.

Before you start, make a pick between an acoustic and an electric guitar. According to the experts, it’s harder to learn to play the acoustic guitar. At the same time, it will reveal all of your mistakes and thus speed up the learning process. At the same time, the true rock-n-roll fans can skip that part and dedicate all their time to the electric guitar. Once the choice is made, it will be time to check out the available lessons.

Taking a Look at the Courses

Overall, we’ve got seven courses to choose from. Don’t rush it. Go through every single one to see which ones suit you best. And remember: it’s not possible to master the guitar in one day or even one month: it takes time:

  • Fender Play Tutorials. These guys need no introduction. As one of the best manufacturers in the industry, Fender simply had to also create a top-notch course. And they did! Guitar Tricks is definitely among the best online courses. With a library of 11K lessons, a user-friendly website, and tons of videos, this is a guitar player’s dream.
  • JamPlay. With this course, the users get access to 5, 3K songs, 82 tutors, and great support. This is one of the oldest and most respected online schools. It comes with a free trial and the teachers, most of which are legendary instrumentalists, will introduce you to the magic behind mastering the acoustic/electric guitar.
  • ArtistWorks. The best thing about this one is that it is possible to work with the best players online. ArtistWorks is all about the individual approach. This school has been around for a decade and is only getting bigger. You definitely won’t be disappointed by what these guys have to offer.
  • Justin Guitar. These lessons are free, but there are certain limitations. Even though it can’t compete with the professional and commercial schools, Mr. Sandercoe created an amazing channel on YouTube that will be just perfect for the beginners.
  • Jamorama. While not actually free, Jamorama is probably the most affordable guitar school online. Again, the newbies will love it. Along with the free version, there’s Plus (5 bucks a month) and Pro (10 bucks a month).
  • TrueFire. The name speaks for itself: this is the most versatile and diverse option on the market right now. The beginners won’t be able to handle these lessons, though, as they are intended for the intermediate/pro players. With 25K lessons at your disposal, this is a goldmine for the guitar fans.
  • Peter Vogl. If you’re just getting started, make sure to check this tutor out. There’s a lot to learn from these lessons and there’s a 7-day trial.

Summing Up

As you can see, there’s enough to pick from. With the right attitude, passion, and dedication, even the beginners will be able to become guitar kings with the help of these courses. No schedules, not limited timelines, no poking eyes to watch you fail. For the modern-day musicians, online courses are the best bet.

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