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Tips for Designing a Business Web Site

The internet is a fast-paced venue, so it’s important that as a business, you keep your business web site as up-to-date as possible. Once you start slacking on the consistency and the freshness of your web site, you will surely begin to lose your customers. People like to visit business web sites that appear to be accurate and fresh – meaning, you or your workers continuously keep the content fresh with new content, products, services, promotions and news; nothing should be out of date. If your logo has changed or the tagline for your company has changed, it should be changed on the web site as well. It’s quick and easy to make fixes to websites, so there’s really no excuse for being out of date.

Before you even begin designing your business’s web site, you need to take the future into consideration.  Can you think of any reasons why you would need to do a redesign? Or maybe change or upgrade the look of it? Maybe you have a business that has products or services that change with the seasons and would like to update the site periodically to fit the time of year. You need to keep all of this in mind, so that you can build a site that is easy to manage in the future. You don’t want to get stuck with a web site design and have to pay more money to redesign it. Have it already implemented beforehand.

Building the Web Site

First, you will need to create a design that is easy for everyone to use. You don’t want to be too hi-tech and advanced because there are some people who may not be on that level – for instance, if your site has graphics that require high-speed internet, you could lose your potential dial-up customers. Other than that, you will need to make sure that the site is really easy to use.

Using computers

One of the best ways to evaluate your web site or to get ideas when creating it, is to take a look at a few of your competitors’ web sites. Check out how they formatted and worded it; this will give you a foundation to work with and may even give you some ideas. Another way to evaluate your web site is to use a focus group; this way you can receive some feedback from a user’s perspective – these people should be web browsers, as well as those who don’t use the web on a regular basis, so that you will know what the experience is like for both types of parties.

Knowing what you want is definitely key here. Create a list of the things you’d like your site to do – meaning, what the goals are for its presence. Then implement what you want into the design. So if your goal is provide your customers with an easier way of purchasing your services or products, you will want to make sure you provide them with an easy to use shopping mechanism that has a cart and a secure checkout center.

Optimizing your web site will be one of the most important things you’ll have to do for your web site. When you use the internet, you type in specific keywords to find different web sites, so ensuring that the proper keywords are being used is important to helping your web site get noticed. The better the optimization, the higher on the list of Google or Yahoo results you’ll be.

Whether you’re an e-commerce site selling Athleta gear or one offering carpet cleaning services – having a quality website built is key. Use the above tips to ensure you have an online storefront you can be proud of.

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